Non-Stop Production was founded in 2005 by Sergey Melkumov, a Russian film producer (who produced several dozens of feature films and popular serials, including the “9th Company” blockbuster by Fyodor Bondarchuk (the hit of Russian film distribution ‘2005, its box office made about $25 mln., it was nominated as a Russian candidate for the Oscar Award ‘2006), "The Goddess: How I Fell in Love" by R. Litvinova, “In Motion” by F. Yankovskiy, “Our Own” by Dmitry Meskhiev (the film received several dozens of prestigious Russian and international awards, including 5 awards of the International Moscow Film Festival ‘2004 including the “Golden George Grand Prix”), “Lethal Force” which is the most popular Russian serial and the most high-ranked TV-film:  “Saboteur” by Andrey Malyukov and “Brezhnev” by Sergey Snezhkin.

The Non-Stop Production Film Company is experienced not only in production of its own projects, but also shoots films by order of other companies. For example, the first project of Non-Stop Production was “Leningrad” by Alexandr Buravsky, a TV Film which is a winner of 5 TEFIs (a prestigious Russian Award) and 2 Golden Eagle Awards established by Nikita Mikhalkov. “Leningrad” was shot by order of the  TV  Channel One.

In December 2007, there took place the general release of the youth-oriented adventure film “18-14” by Andres Puustusmaa.

In 2008 Non-Stop Production released lyrical comedy film The Magician” by Andres Puustusmaa and the thriller “The One Who Switches Off the Light” by Andrej Libenson.

Sci-fi action feature film-dilogy “The Inhabited Island. Film is the First”, “The Inhabited Island. Fight” directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, based on the same-name novel by Brothers Strugatsky (the production budget is $ 36 mln) has been successfully released in Russia in winter and spring 2009 (total box-office is 28 $ mln).

Currently, the film company is engaged in production of 8 mini-series docudrama “Dostoevsky” by Vladimir Khotinenko.


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